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If you have the task to organize any kind of event, just handle it to us.
We will provide you with an innovative, smart, enthusiastic and personal approach to your meeting, conference or other, giving you a comprehensive and open support and assistance, detailing you every step on the way without bothering you with the actual organization.

You can rely on us for bringing success to your event and in the same time you will be able to combine pleasure and business, away from all the hassle and troubleshooting.
What we offer you is a three pillars based organization for the optimum results: Pre-event, On-site and Post-event management.

Pre-event Management
-          Venue search – look for the best venue according to your budget, preferences and type of event and corporate environment
-          Planning – preparing a complete through-the-whole-event program including all relevant details
-          Budgeting – one of the most important mile-stones of every event planning with guaranteed consideration of your budget constraints
-          Conference materials – including print-outs, branding and logo, badges and packs, mailings and web-site, marketing campaign
-          Accommodation – we maintain business relations with all major from 3 to 5 stars hotels in Bulgaria that gives us the opportunity to choose the best fit for you at the best price.
-          Transportation – transportation from the airport/train station to all the hotels and venues, accompanied by one of our kind and experienced agents, a guide and all relevant staff you might need.
On-site Management
-          Registration
-          Meeting guests
-          Catering
-          On-site Management
From meeting and registering your guests and event participants to serving them exquisite food and drinks and troubleshooting managing all issues that might arise and leaving you free of worries and letting you relax and enjoy your 100% successful event
Post-event Management
-          Feedback – collecting feedback from your guests and event participants helping to measure the success of your event
-          Appraisal – it is important to assess the success and overall performance in order to gain impressions and experience for further events and to post-event manage the results of the meeting/conference.
For your meetings MEETING and CONFERENCES we will provide:

Venues - Conference rooms and  Accommodation

Leisure - excitig experience


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