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Wine and Dine Tours

The sun, the vine and the wine have been symbols of the Bulgarian lands since Antiquity. Thracians - the first known inhabitants on the Balkan Peninsula - were experienced vine growers and wine producers, appreciating the qualities of the cultivated vine and worshiping their fragnant wine. Even Homer, describing the Odyssey's adventures, tells us a story of the Thracian leader Maron, who presented Odyssey with 12 amphoras of divine Thracian wine. It was believed that the Thracian wine is a precious elexir, which provided stenght, courage and inspiration. The Thracian god of wine and fertility Dionyssius- became one of the most esteemed gods not only in the Hellenic, but also in the Roman mythology and later all over the ancient world
Wine and Dine Tour 2. Prices from 292 up to 588 EURO
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