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You need to plan a trip, an event, a conference or a team-building?

No better place to do that than INES TRAVEL Ltd.

We offer our customers high-quality, best service-for-price balanced, personally oriented and attractive proposals for individual and business trips and holidays in Bulgaria and abroad.
Everything we offer is complied with your requirements and budget, and we would also provide you with additional information about our new opportunities and best cost management

We would also take care of the entire organization – from the preliminary planning through booking stage to meeting and greeting at the location itself.
INES TRAVEL’s experienced team with an in-depth knowledge of the best places, services and must-sees is capable of capturing the unique from you and matching it to an unforgettable location, experience or event.

Our offers are always consistent with our clients’ individual preferences, needs and visions.
You should have no doubt that what you are going to enjoy is a life-time experience at attractive price and provided with the best service and care. Our support, consideration and touch for detail will make you feel as we insist you to – at the right place and in the right hands.


INES TRAVEL can only offer you what you want and what you need! Quality, care for the customer and personal touch are what we consider essential for all the services we provide.


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