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HISTORY, The Balkan Lands In Prehistoric Times

The Balkan Lands In Prehistoric Times
Coming to the Balkans, the Bulgarians found lands of rich cultural traditions.
The earliest traces of man in these lands go back far into the Old Stone Age (about 1 million years B.C.).
Prehistoric man lived in caves, gathered wild fruit and roots, fished and hunted for mammoths and cave bears. Scenes from his life are depicted on the walls of the Magoura Cave near Belogradchik - fantastic animals, hunting scenes, religious rituals.
Remains of prehistoric inhabitants and implements have been found in the Bacho Kiro Cave near Dryanovo Monastery.
A remarkable monument of the ancient times is the Varna Chalcolithic necropolis (5,000 B.C.).
The gold objects, found in the necropolis, have been described by specialists as the oldest finds of processed gold in the world. They are evidence of the existence of a developed civilization and of an established social structure in the history of Antiquity in Southeast Europe.
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