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LEGENDS, Vida, Gamza and Koula

Vida, Gamza and Koula
Once upon a time there was a Bulgarian boyar, who owned large domains from the Carpathians to the Balkan. After his death his three daughters, Vida, Kulla and Gamza, divided the domains among themselves.
The two younger sistrers, Koula, her centre being the Bulgarian town of the same name, and Gamza - her capital was Gamzigrad, presently in Serbia, married hastily. They choose bad men, who carelessly wasted their father's heritage.
The eldest sister, Vida stayed single all her life.
Under her leadership a castle was built up.
She lived in it up to a ripe old age, successfully defending her subjects from hostile assaults.
As a sign of gratitude, people named the castle after her name when she died Baba Vida or The Towers of Baba Vida.


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