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The town of Zlatograd is situated in the East Rhodopes.
The well-preserved churches, monasteries and Christian graveyards in Zlatograd and the neighbouring villages testify that mostly Bulgarians have inhabited that area during the ages.
There are also architectural and cultural monuments, dating from 13-19 century. The oldest church in the Rhodopes - "Uspenie Bogorodichno", built up in 1834, is also preserved in Zlatograd.
Another place of interest is the Stoyanov`s house with the monastery school, built in 1832.
The oldest written record in the Rhodopes - the writing of Zlatograd, dating 1852, has been discovered in Zlatograd.
The most interesting tourist spot is the Architctural reserve that keeps old houses with one-guttered tiled roofs and wells in the yards.
The "St.Atanas", "St. Nedelya", "St Ilya", "St Konstantin i Elena" chapels are located on the hills around the village.
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