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Shiroka Luka

Shiroka Luka
 The Shiroka Luka village is declared an architectural and ethnographic reserve.
The name of the village has an Old-Bulgarian derivation and means a wide place around the river.
The houses are amphitheatrically located on the two banks of the Shirokolashka river.
The old houses in the village have massive stone construction, bow windows, wood carved roofs and stonemade chimneys.
The cobblestone streets, bridges, thick white walls of the tall houses with their small windows, the cobblestone yards, and the typical stone fountains have unique face and charm.
The oldest houses date back to the beginning of the 19th century and the famous among them are: The Uchikov`s, Kalaidjiiski`s, Grigorov`s, Bogdanov`s houses.
Another place of interest in the village is the Ethnographic museum, housed in the old Turkish town-hall of Sgurovski.
Unique architectural monument is the St. Bogoroditsa (Virgin Mary) church, built for 38 days by the locals in 1834.
Beside the architectural spots, the village has preserved its holidays and customs.
Every year there is a bagpipe competition.
A Secondary Musical School for folk songs and instruments was opened in 1972.
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