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Bulgarian Rose Festival !!!! Prices from 350 up to 700 EURO

Explore Bulgaria and the Rose Festival – Combined Tour
1 Day /03.06/: Arrival Sofia Airport. Meet & Greet at the airport by one of our professional and friendly guides . Transfer to the first class hotel in Sofia. Dinner. Overnight.
2 Day/ 04.06/ Morning sightseeing tour of Sofia. Lunch in city center.
Sofia the capital city of Bulgaria-Inhabited for 7000 years, it was called Serdika by Thracians. The Roman made it a splendid and important province capital. Sinse the 14th century this great city at the foot of the majestic Mt. Vitosha has been known as Sofia. Its museums house many of the important ancient artifacts of this country. See the unique mixture of ancient, medieval and more recent examples of the local architecture – 1400 years old St. George Rotunda, the Alexander Nevski Cathedral , the 6th century St. Sofia Church , which gave the city its name, the Royal Palace , which now houses the National Art Gallery and many others.
Afternoon drive to Plovdiv , followed by a tour of the Old Town Plovdiv.
Plovdiv . – the second largest city- A thousand years older then Sofia – Bulgaria`s second largest city Plovdiv was founded in 342 BC, when Philip II of Macedonia conquered the Thracian town of Evmolpia and named it after his own name – Philippopolis. Later the Romans invaded Thrace and called the city Trimonium. The 19th century , which mark the apogee of the Bulgarian Revival period was the century of the creation of what is now known as the Old Town Plovdiv. This is one of the remarkable places in Bulgaria with its steep cobble stone streets , unique houses and romantic atmosphere. See 4th century BC Thracian wall painting , the Roman amphitheater, Byzantine and medieval fortification and 15th century Ottomans mosques.
Dinner and overnight stay in a first class hotel in Plovdiv.
(Sofia- Plovdiv – 160km)
3 Day /05.06/ : Early morning drive to the beautiful town Kazanlak, where the rose festivities take place. Arrival just on time to attend an authentic rose boiling process demonstration in the Kulata ethnographic complex.
Sample original delicious rose products – rose jam, rose brandy and rose liquor – probably the chance of a life time to try them. Enjoy the special celebration lunch with delicious Bulgarian dishes and unlimited wine, accompanied by magnificent folklore dances and songs. Take a pleasure in your first lessons in traditional “HORO”-a typical Bulgarian folk dance. A visit to the Museum of Bulgaria’s oil -yielding rose. Return to Plovdiv for your second night stay.
(Plovdiv – Kazanluk-104km)
4 Day /06.06/ : An early drive to the rose fields near Kazanlak for the participation in the traditional rose-picking ritual. The unique experience is followed by special rose festivity in the town center. After lunch departure to Veliko Turnovo.- the ex- royal capital of Bulgaria, crossing the Balkan Mountains by the magnificent Shipka pass. A chance to visit the Etara Ethnographic Museum- the only place then one can sample the well known Gabrovian jam, lollipops and the sugar flowers, the sweet smelling bun, or drink a cup of sugary Turkish coffee. Dinner and overnight in a first class hotel in Veliko Turnovo.
( Plovdiv- Kazanluk- 71 km)
( Kazanluk- Etara Museum- 58 km)
( Etara Museum- Veliko Turnovo- 46 km)
5 Day / 07.06/:Morning city tour and lunch in Veliko Turnovo.
Veliko Turnovo- the ex- royal capital – Capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (1185- 1396), this city is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe. You will be amazed by its stone houses which are perched one above the other on the steep banks of Yantra River. Enjoy a visit to the Tzatevets Hill, where the patriarchal church and royal palaces are, the place where you can still see Baldwin’s Tower, legendary symbol connected with the Latin Emperor Baldwin of Flanders, who was captured and beheaded by Tsar Kaloyan . Also visit Trapezitsa hill, where relics of 17 medieval churches were found. Luxuriate in the breathtaking view from atop Holy Hill. Trill to the spectacular “ Sound& Light” performances on the historic Tzarevets Hill and Fortress.( weather permitting)
Afternoon visit t6o Arbanassi village- one of the symbols of the immortal Bulgarian traditions.
The village of Arbanassia piece of the unbroken Bulgarian tradition. Old choronicles and travel notes describe this village as the ancient capital’s Veliko Turnovo Royal residence. With their solid walls and heavy gates the old houses resemble miniature fortresses. But once you are in, you marvel and enthuse over the spacious and comfortable rooms, richly decorated and lavishly furnished. There are two monasteries and five churches, the oldest being the Nativity (1637-1649), dug into the ground, without a belfry and hidden deomes, very modest, but featuring a real treasure of over 3500 strikingly realistic figures and Biblical scenes, created at various times by unknown artists.
Enjoy your dinner sampling delicious Bulgarian dishes and wine, while wondering at typical Bulgarian fire-dances. Optional in the evening –Sound and Life Show in Veliko Turnovo. Overnight.
Enjoy your dinner sampling delicious Bulgarian dishes and wine, while wondering a typical Bulgarian fire- dance. Optional in the evening – Sound and Light Show in Veliko Turnovo. Overnight.
(Veliko Turnovo –Arbanassi and back-10km)
6 Day /08.06/: Morning departure for Sofia with a visit and lunch on the way to the unique town of Koprivshtitsa . Lunch.
Koprivshtitsa-- located 111km from Sofia. The romantic spirit lives in this small town. White walls surround gardens full of flowers and shrubs. Ceilings carved like suns, painted facades, sunlit balconies and bay-windows-these are the characteristics of Koprivshtitsa. The floors are covered with colorful spreads of rugs, carpet and cushions. Behind the houses heavy iron - studded gates one can feel the dramatic past of this tiny beautiful place.
(Veliko Turnovo –Koprivshtitsa-194km)
(Koprivshtitsa –Sofia -111 km)
Day 7: Time to go home
Services include:
- 6 nights accommodation in first clas hotels
- meals as per itinerary
- all transfers and transportation during the tours
- guide escort
- all entrance fees
- all local taxes
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