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Offer 4

Program 4

Day 1
Arrival at Sofia Airport and Transfer to a central located “Niky Hotel” 3*. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 2
After breakfast, sightseeing of Sofia, then a mid- morning departure for the famous Rila Monastery – the largest and one of the most spectacular monasteries in Bulgaria. Lunch of the local specialty – fresh trout. Afternoon drive to Osenovak Village. Accommodation. Overnight.
Day 3:
Breakfast. Horseback riding and paintball. Overnight.
Day 4:
Morning drive to Vitoshko Hunting Farm. Overnight.
Day 5:
Hunting Day. Overnight.
Day 6:
Hunting Day. Overnight.
Day 7:
Hunting Day. Overnight.
Day 8:
Time to go home

Prices per person accommodated in double room:               1385 Euro
Supplement for single accommodation:         215 Euro
Prices include:
-       All local taxes and insurance
-      VAT
-      Horse riding and paintball
-      Entrance fees for the sights
-     All transfers through the tour
-      Accommodation on full board
-      Guide through all the journey
-      3 hunting days with profetional hunting guide/ 4 overnights / Including: Breakfast, morning hunt, lunch- in the hunting farm or picknick in the open, afternoon hunt, dinner. The group shall be acompanied by a translator during the entire period and by proffessional hunt guide throughoput the chase.
-     All transportation throughout the hunt
-       Bulgarian Hunting Liscence
-      Stuffing on the spot and export documentation of the gained trophies
Hunting Taxes:
The trophies are to be paid according to the average length of the tusks
Up to
14 cm
155 €
From 14
Up to 16 cm
155 €
+ 10 €*
From 16
Up to 18 cm
355 €
+ 13 €*
From 18
Up to 20 cm
615 €
+ 20 €*
From 20
Up to 20 cm
1015 €
+ 31 €*
22 cm
1635 €
+ 51 €*
For trophies exceeding 125.00 CIC points - 10% surcharge
Wounded wild boar - 360 €
downed and wounded sow - 510 €
downed shoat - 50 €, wounded - 80 €
downed defector - 105 €, wounded - 130 €
 Sofia-the CapitalCity of Bulgaria – Inhabited for 7 000 years, it was called Serdica by Thracians. The Romans made it splendid and important province capital. Since the 14th century this great city at the foot of the majestic Vitosha mountain has been known as Sofia. Its museums house many of the country most important ancient artifacts. See the unique mixture of ancient, medieval and more recent examples of the local architecture-the 1400 years old St. George Rotunda, the Alexander Nevski Cathedral, the 6th century St. Sofia Church, which gave the city its name, the Royal Palace, which now hosts the National Art Gallery and many others.
 Rila Monastery-Probably the most impressive monument of the Bulgarian Revival Period, Rila Monastery is nestled amidst the majestic beauty of the Rila Mountains. It still fascinates visitors with its harmonious and exquisite features. See the monastery’s most remarkable sights-the 14th century Hrelyo Tower, the five doomed main church, and the 19th century original monastery kitchens. The monastery museum presents a lavish collection of precious old manuscripts, documents and charters, a real treasure of icons, jewelry, wrought iron articles, masterpieces of woodcarving, an ethnographic exhibition of fabrics and carpets and a library containing more than 16 000 volumes. Rila Monastery is considered the largest monastery on the territory of Bulgaria and is included in the UNESCO List of World Heritage.
OsenovakVillage- Feel the Glory of Nature
Enjoy the Art of horseback riding
Here, amidst the wild nature “The Seven Throne Convent” will open its doors for you. It is one of the oldes Christian temples not only in Bulgaria but also in the entire Balkan Peninsula.
Its unique architecture and rich historical biography would touch the slightest shade of human spirituality.
Enjoying the art of riding you will follow the paths of the ancient Thracians, Romans and proto-Bulgarians. Thus you will experience the legends and believes, which are still vivid in the region.
At night you can enjoy the hospitality of the Osenovlashki House.
Vitoshko Hunting Farm – occupying an area of 20.000 hektar in the western part of Bulgaria, about 40 km from Sofia. Situated on the Southern slopes ot Vitosha mountain at an altitude of 800 to 2192 m.
Game: red deer, roe, muflon, wild boar, braun bear, fox, wolf, wild cat.
Trophies: Wild boar 18- 27 cm.
The hunt for other game is also possible, such as pheasant and partridge.
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