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Offer 3

Program 3:
Day 1
Arrival at Sofia Airport and Transfer to a central located “Niky Hotel” 3*. Dinner. Overnight.
Day 2
After breakfast, sightseeing of Sofia, then a mid- morning departure for the famous Rila Monastery – the largest and one of the most spectacular monasteries in Bulgaria. Lunch of the local specialty – fresh trout. Afternoon drive to Sandanski Spa for overnight stay in a first class hotel- “ St. Nikola” 3* www.hotel-sveti-nikola.ltd.bg  
Day 3:
Morning visit  to Rozhen`s picturesque monastery. A sightseeing   of the smallest inhabited town in Bulgaria – Melnik. Free time in Sandanski, when you may sample the spa facilities. Dinner and overnight in Sandanski-“ St. Nikola” 3*www.hotel-sveti-nikola.ltd.bg 
Day 4:
Morning drive to Wild Park “Iskar” . Overnight.
Day 5:
Hunting Day. Overnight.
Day 6:
Hunting Day. Overnight.
Day 7:
Hunting Day. Overnight.
Day 8:
Time to go home
Prices per person accommodated in double room:               850 Euro
Supplement for single accommodation:      255 Euro
Prices include:
-   All local taxes and insurance
-    VAT
-    Entrance fees for the sights
-    All transfers through the tour
-      Accommodation on full board
-      Guide through all the journey
Hunting price:
Hunting on fallow and red deer and boar
Hunting Park Iskar – 4500 Ha
Board and lodging prices for 2006 in EURO:
5 days , 4 overnights, 3 hunting days
For groups
Of 2 hunters
 Of 3 hunters
From 4 to 8 hunters
Pro hunter
Due to the large organizational costs and the heating of the hunting farm, the transfers, translation and other costs, is the price pro single hunter very high and comes up to 2.190,-Euro
The board and lodging price includes:
·          Pick up from the ariport by one of our representatives as well as by your translator and guide. We also offer assistance in the arrangement of all costoms formalities.
·          Transfer from the airport to the hunting farm and vice versa. All the transfers without any limits for the hunt.
·          Translation throughout your stay – starting with your arrival and till your departure.
·          Lodging in double room with full board service.
·          Huntig guide for each hunter as well as all supporting personnel.
·          Cross – country vehicle with no limitiation on the distance travelled.
·          Hunting ticket and admission as well as all government taxes.
·          Gun power licence.
The price does not include
·          The flight tickes to and from Bulgaria
·          Personal costs (gratuities, cigarettes etc)
·          Alcoholic beverages
Chasehunt – Pricelist 2006 in EURO
1. Shot taxes
Hunting period 01.10. – 31.12.
Trophies: boar tusks
The tusks are assessed accordint to the average lenght of the outer side of both tusks
Up tp  14,00 cm                       E    205.-
from 14,00 cm to 16.00 cm   E    255.-
from 16.00 cm to  18.00 cm   E    410.-
from 18.00 cm to 20.00 cm   E    665.-
from 20 .00 cm to 22.00 cm   E    970.-
from 22.00 cm                         E 1640.-
Sow above 2 years of age and weighing over   60 kg       E 310.-
Shoat                                                                                    E    50.-
Defector                                                                               E 105.-
Missshots and close by shots are not calculated within the price.
More details about the places and sights you will visit:
Sofia-the CapitalCity of Bulgaria – Inhabited for 7 000 years, it was called Serdica by Thracians. The Romans made it splendid and important province capital. Since the 14th century this great city at the foot of the majestic Vitosha mountain has been known as Sofia. Its museums house many of the country most important ancient artifacts. See the unique mixture of ancient, medieval and more recent examples of the local architecture-the 1400 years old St. George Rotunda, the Alexander Nevski Cathedral, the 6th century St. Sofia Church, which gave the city its name, the Royal Palace, which now hosts the National Art Gallery and many others.
Rila Monastery-Probably the most impressive monument of the Bulgarian Revival Period, Rila Monastery is nestled amidst the majestic beauty of the Rila Mountains. It still fascinates visitors with its harmonious and exquisite features. See the monastery’s most remarkable sights-the 14th century Hrelyo Tower, the five doomed main church, and the 19th century original monastery kitchens. The monastery museum presents a lavish collection of precious old manuscripts, documents and charters, a real treasure of icons, jewelry, wrought iron articles, masterpieces of woodcarving, an ethnographic exhibition of fabrics and carpets and a library containing more than 16 000 volumes. Rila Monastery is considered the largest monastery on the territory of Bulgaria and is included in the UNESCO List of World Heritage.
   Melnik- The smallest Bulgarian town rests amidst gently rounded hills covered with vineyards and orchards and rising and falling, as if moved by an invisible hand, to form incredible precipices and pyramids, which look like the Colorado Grand Canyon. Melnik seems to be an exception of the law of nature and men, nestled in ? valley, which is never touched by the wind. This town is ? vision, ? presentiment of great calmness and perfect beauty; from a. distance it looks like ? picture of the appliqué technique with ? hundred or so houses with balconies which seem to have perched on the five fingers of ? human hand, surrounded by the magnificence of sandstone and the stillness of rocks that are troubled by the blossoming white and blue lilac trees, broad leaves of fig trees and the fragrance of greenery and spring.
Sandanski is situated at 224 m, in the foothills of the Pirin Mountains along the reaches of the Sandanska Bistritsa River. Under the influence of the Mediterranean the climate is especially mild.
There are over 2450 hours of sunshine a year.
Since times immemorial this part of Bulgaria has known for its generous nature.
People come here from far and wide to seek health and longevity.
Here you can enjoy hyperthermal mineral waters, relative humidity, incredibly clean air, vast green parks, great possibilities for relaxation and health.
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