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The Ethar Architectural and Ethnographic Complex is an open air museum with an operative display/lay-out that is unique both in Bulgaria and the whole Southeastern Europe.
The museum offers a retrospection and an introduction with the customs and traditions of the local people.
The mechanisms in the workshops and mills are only water- driven by а river called Sivek which does not frozen in the winter.
Using original instruments and following the old traditions locals represent around 20 characteristic of the region crafts such as wood-carving, pottery, coppersmith, furriery, cutlery, tailoring etc.
The tourists can also visit the herbal center for oil production, and witness first hand different oil production from different herbs in accordance with Bulgarian tradition.
The park futures typical Bulgarian revival houses with two floors, bay windows, clock tower, and beautifully decorated house by Saakov featuring 21 windows.
There are shops for souvenirs, tourist can enjoy the luxury of a local three star hotel with bar and restaurant.
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