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The greatest tourist attraction in this village is the unique architecture dating from the Bulgarian national revival - 16th-17th century.
The houses are of very high stone-walls-like citadels.
The interior settings - windows, doors, roofs are decorated with detailed woodcarving and the walls are decorated with plaster elements in the form of flowers.
There are 80 preserved houses in this village and many of them are national cultural heritage.
Two of the most interesting memorial houses are named The Konstantsaliev`s and the Hadjiliev`s.
There are 5 churches and 2 monasteries in this village.
The oldest church is Rojdestvo Hristovo (Christmas) and it’s the most decorated.
The biggest church is St. Archangel Mikhail and Gabriel.
The other three churches- St. Atanas, St. George, St. Dimitar have been built in 1637, 1661, and 1612 years.
Very close to the village are located two monasteries which function to these days. The names of the monasteries are St. Nicholay and Uspenie Bogorodichno (The Holy Mother).
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