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The village of Dobarsko is situated on the southern side of the Rila Mountain.
The legends recount that the first settlers were the blinded soldiers of tsar Samuil.
After the Belasitsa battle in 1014 they stayed on this place to cure their eyes with the healing water which sprаng out of the yard of the church "St.Teodor Tiron and Teodor Stratilat".
In the years of the Bulgarian Revival period it became popular with resourceful cotton traders and it was the richest village in the region.
Today Dobarsko has all the prerequisites for being an interesting tourist destination: dazzling view, crystal air, amazing waterfalls with 25 m of height, a healing spring, two unique churches and its location near to the resort of Bansko.
The village is most famous for its church, erected in 1614.
On one of the mural paintings Jesus Christ is pictured in a spaceship at that in times when our ancestors had absolutely no idea what is a spaceship.
Near to the temple is located another rich in its mural paintings church "The Candemass" from 1860 
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