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The village of Jeravna

The village of Jeravna
The village of Jeravna is situated in the east part of the Balkan.
Jeravna is an attractive tourist destination with its nature, architecture and age-old history.
It keeps many wooden houses with identical construction.
Some of them are over 300 years old.
The houses have been preserved up to the present day in a way that retains their original face from the period of the Bulgarian revival.
That`s why the village was declared a National Architectural Reserve.
One of the most interesting houses is a birthplace of the famous Bulgarian writer Yordan Yovkov.
There is a museum exposition of the writer`s most significant photographs, documents, manuscript.
Another impressive house is Sava Filaretov`s one; the house features elegant woodcarvings. The interior decoration is preserved as of the time of the Bulgarian revival so to be visualized the manner of life in this period.
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