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The village was mentioned for the first time in a Turkish register dated from 1486.
The city's economy blossomed due to the fact, that the locals were very hard working, they developed many craft.
The city enjoyed great wool supplies asuch was noted with its fabrications of carpets.
Between 18th and 19th century, the local is secured contract to supply clothes to the Turkish army and this invariably gave them lots of privileges.
The city flourished in trade and became as one of the richest cities with patriotic locals.
The attraction in the city includes houses, which were preserved from its inception.
The houses are tall, wooden, with beautiful wood carved doors and roofs.
Most interesting of the features in the house interior includes hand made carpets, pillows, Folk dress, jewellerries etc.
Beside these, Kotel is the fortress of the Bulgarian spirit.
It’s birthplace to many famous Bulgarian activists during the Bulgarian national revival - George Sava Rakovski, Neofit Bozveli, Dr. Peter Beron, Sofronii Vrachanski, etc.
Among the tourist attractions is the museum of natural science, the ethnographical exposition in Kiurpeva house, the churches St. Troitsa (Holy trinity) and St. Peter and Pavel, they feature well preserved wood carvings.
The first school of folk singing and instrumental are situated in Kotel.
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