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Bozhentsi is a historical, architectural heritage, preserving more than 100 monumental houses from the Bulgarian revival.
According to the legend, the village was founded by the boyar named Bojana.
She settled in this place in conjunction with her 9 sons when the Turks conqured Veliko Tarnovo in 1393.
The village grew because an important road,crossing the Balkan Range,passed through it.
The local people were engaged in stock-farming, crafts and trade. They built picturesque Bulgarian houses with high stone fences, hammered gates and workshops.
Bozhentsi and its unique atmosphere reveal us the manner of life of the ordinary people and their disobedient, free spirit.
In two of the museum houses from 18th and 19 century are exhibited pictures and household items that belonged to famous families from the village.

These families made large donations for the construction of churches, schools and houses.
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