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The town of Koprivshtitsa

The town of Koprivshtitsa 
Koprivshtitsa is unique place, over 300 monuments of the Bulgarian culture from the revival period have been preserved.
The old houses have big eaves, stone walls and wide wooden gates.
The exterior features windows, shutters, bay- windows painted blue, yellow and red.
The house-museum called Oslekova house is the most famous architectural and ethnographic monument in the town. Its owner was a rich merchant from Koprivshtitsa and the house features with its artistic carved ceilings and its walls, painted in beautiful geometrical figures.
Famous Bulgarians were born in this town, today their houses are transformed into museums.
Among them are the writer Luben Karaverov and the poet Dimcho Debelianov.
The first monastery school in the town was opened already in 1810 and in 1846 was founded the first secondary school in Bulgaria.
Koprivshtitsa has a reputation of a wealthy village from the period of Bulgarian revival.
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